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Product / Service Description:

Video subtitling has seen its importance rise together with the rise of video marketing in general. Studies show that over 80% of business video is viewed without sound, relying on video subtitles. Wordbee Video Subtitling takes video subtitling to the next step, allowing you to localize your video subtitles and use a translation memory, so you can maintain consistency and reuse existing translations, reducing cost and improving efficiency. It’s the international e-commerce marketer’s best friend!

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

Wordbee Translator is an end-to-end translation system including project management, linguistic resources and management, finance, billing, analytics, and a CAT tool for translation. Innovations include our new video subtitle product, the application of sentiment analysis, and more. As a do-it-all system, we’re limited our application to specifically our video subtitling product.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

We’re the first translation system and CAT tool to truly support video subtitles. Not only did we announce it first, but ours has native, in-the-cloud support and is already in production. It’s basically best-in-class. Overall, Wordbee Translator is set apart by its flexibility and inclusiveness. It’s great for all kinds of companies, including e-commerce, and it includes everything you need to manage a localization department. This makes it inherently scalable: maybe you don’t need automatic invoicing and aggregation, for example, but it’s in there and you can use it when the time is right.

Additional info:

Localizing marketing or product videos is an easy choice to make, because it gets your business instant access to new and intriguing markets, but it has also created a need for video subtitling tools that support localization and, specifically, translation memories.


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