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Product / Service Description:

TreoPIM is a modern and innovative open source product information management system (PIM). As a PIM System TreoPIM is a central repository for the anyone’s product information and helps manufacturers, dealers and retailers to improve the quality of product data and to translate it into different languages. TreoPIM helps to prepare product information for both, offline and online sales channels. TreoPIM is based on a modern service-oriented software architecture - the same TreoPIM API is used for data exchange within the system and with third-party systems. The data model is completely configurable thanks to Entity and Layout Manager. The functionality can be extended by numerous modules.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

We have developed a lot of new functions to improve our product and make it more innovative. The most important is Module Manager, which is a “state-of-the-art” module manager based on Composer technology, considering the dependencies among the modules. No other solution offer this. We have implemented a drag-and-drop configurable navigation. You can audit changes of the field values – if activated, you can see who and when changed the value, and what was the old value of the filed, and more…

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

TreoPIM is free and open source. There are only 2 other PIM Solutions, which are free and open source. All the characteristics listed below are unique for TreoPIM, no other PIM solutions offer these. TreoPIM is extremely flexible for all roles in the system. You can extend or modify the interfaces and functions as required so that the system meets 100% user requirements. TreoPIM is based on TreoCore, which is a new ecosystem for development of business applications of any kind. The functionality of Portals enables the cooperation of the adopters with his trading partners and other service providers. Responsive Design – TreoPIM can be used on smartphones, on tablets and on desktops.

Additional info:

TreoPIM offers great Value-for-Money! TreoPIM offers many features related to managing of product information right out of the box, no other free solution and many paid solutions can keep up with it. But still you can buy modules, to extend the functionality. TreoPIM has low implementation and support costs! Because TreoPIM has a high level of configuration, many changes to the system can be made without any programming.


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