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Product / Service Description:

Imagine Amazon’s tools adaptable for every website. That every online retailer has the chance to know what the customers want, and the right way to communicate with them and in the end to increase his own income. That is what LeadHit is offering. The service is starting with collecting data from the website of the retailer with the help of cookies, then creating a customer profile out of these data that is helping to predict what the customer is needing and what to offer him. The tools that are used to communicate with those customer are behavior tailored widgets and contend tailored mailings.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

Triggered mailings: Subscription to price changes, Abandoned Cart, Wishlist, etc; Widgets: Social Proof, Product Recommendation, Smart-Offers, etc; Recommendations: Cross-Sale, Cart-Up-Sale, Offer-Up-Sale, Search-Recommendations, Top-Offers, Similar-Offers.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

The integration takes 15 minutes. All tools will be designed by LeadHit. Big variety of tools. Full Customer Journey map of every visitor.

Additional info:


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