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ObjectCode GmbH

Product / Service Description:

We build configurators / planer in realtime 3D for individual and modular products. We use Webgl – it´s a technic usually works in online gaming. All customers don´t need any plugin,the configurators use by the internet browser. Natural they works responsive and in an app. The customer can move, design and create their own favorit product in realtime 3D: - changing colours/ surfaces, - add product accessoires with drag ´n drop, - changing dimensions. The problem from many clients to show all product-versions online. We insert “dynamic 3D-Modells” of the product,it´s cheaper. And we can give dependence of the product properties. Because not all properties match among each other.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

- 3D Cupboard-Planer - Chair-configurator - chimney-configurator Playgroundplaner

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

We use the WebGl technic for our configurators. That´s a favourable und fast way to visualize products on websites. With the configurator-base it´s possible to build "light" product-configurators for small online-shops. But in every situation, our clients can present / sell their products in all versions (colour, surface, hight-weight...). On all devices!

Additional info:

3D-product-configurator demo: https://www.objectcode.de/ar-app/ For example: https://www.schrankwerk.de/konfigurator/full?id=WPMM2FB5Q7&returnTo=https://www.schrankwerk.de/schrankwand-eiche-modell-hanna Same projects: https://www.objectcode.de/konfigurator-referenzen/


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