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Ve Interactive DACH GmbH

Product / Service Description:

Ads-to-Onsite: Our industry-first ads to onsite solution connects digital advertising to the onsite experience, utilising Digital Assistant to display relevant content to the ad in an onsite overlay. This means you can target visitors with the most relevant and engaging content in real-time after every ad, whether they clicked or viewed.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

1. New vs. Returning: Display different messages based on whether your customer has previously visited a page or not. Segmenting the audience will enable you to target new or returning customers with specific marketing content that meets their needs 2. Trigger Based Messaging: Rather than displaying the same message to every customer, Digital Assistant can now display more relevant messages based on the display trigger.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Our industry-first Ads-to-Onsite solution connects digital advertising to the onsite experience, by giving our customers several possibilities in individualizing their campaigns. - Integrate ad creatives into onsite campaigns - Post-click and post-view activation - Fully dynamic to deal with multiple campaigns and user types - works with advertising camapigns through any DSP

Additional info:

The disconnect between advertising and marketing technology represents one of the biggest online challenges for brands today. With 68% of paid traffic bouncing, it’s clear we need to solve this lack of unification in order to avoid wasted ad spend, retain acquired traffic and increase ecommerce conversion rates. The team at Ve has been working on a solution to try and help our clients achieve more value from their paid advertising campaigns, even if they’re not run through us.


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