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Product / Service Description:

Omnipack specializes in fulfillment services for European mid-size e-commerce. We enable frictionless growth by completely taking care of logistics - storage of goods, packing and shipping orders, handling returns and additional services like labelling, repackaging, set-building, clothes washing, steaming and sewing etc. We provide premium packaging solutions incl. branded boxes, inserts, scented fillers for best customer unpacking experience. With a simple flat rate for each package sent your monthly costs are optimized and predictable. You don't even need agreements with couriers, we will take care of negotiating the best rates for your global shipments as well as any claims.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

Premium packing solutions including branded boxes, sophisticated inserting systems, eco-friendly/recycled materials, scented fillers, gift wrapping, basically we are limited only by our Clients imagination. We provide fulfilment services for most product categories thus we invest in the category specified solutions and optimization. We build prototypes for picking trolleys and space optimizing shelving.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

We are a team of young, highly motivated people with a strong background in consulting and e-commerce. The idea of Omnipack came to life while managing a well know Home&Living e-commerce. We realized that there is a gap between business needs and logistics solutions available on the market. We care about each and every Client. We perfectly understand their needs and help them way beyond the logistics area e.g. we support our Clients during transition time and help them clean and set up processes on their side. We are flexible and always hungry to find a better solution. Our IT systems support fast and easy integration with biggest eShop platforms, marketplaces, couriers, EPR and WMS software

Additional info:

With a fast-growing base of satisfied Clients on our local market, we now focus on delivering premium but cost-effective services for European e-commerce companies. With our logistics expertise and experience, we let our Clients focus their efforts on growing their businesses.


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