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intelliAd Media GmbH

Product / Service Description:

intelliAd revolutionised the online marketing world more than 11 years ago, when the technology provider established the fully automated Bid Management for Google in Germany. Since then, companies have benefited from innovative solutions that enable them to measure, understand, and optimise their overall marketing activities. With highly efficient and intelligent technologies and a tried and tested award-winning algorithm, marketers achieve performance increase – with less manual effort. Launched in 2018, the new intelliAd E-Commerce product line E PWR helps e-commerce managers to promote their products smart and easy in Google Shopping and Amazon.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

E-commerce continues to reach new records in terms of revenue, intelliAd launched a new solution in e-commerce marketing in 2018: Thanks to the lively exchange between intelliAd and its customers, solutions for the core challenges in e-commerce marketing were rapidly developed. Over 11 years of experience in successful search engine optimisation, the new intelliAd E-Commerce product line E PWR enables marketers to advertise products quickly and easily in product search engines and marketplaces.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Only intelliAd offers a fully automated, artificial intelligence-based tool for all Amazon advertising formats. The extremely potent tool also makes campaign management easier with automatic and predictive solutions. The highly efficient machine learning algorithms optimise data attribution and make the most efficient bids in Amazon and Google Shopping – for every single product from the data feed. Thanks to fully automated Amazon campaign bidding, agencies, vendors and sellers save time and costs – and increase their revenue. While advertisers had to invest an enormous amount of time and people to survey the relevant KPIs in the past, now they automatically generated within a few clicks.

Additional info:

As a technology company, intelliAd offers not only innovative products but also first-class customer service and individualised, customisable solutions. At intelliAd, every customer has a personal contact person. The client success management team ensures that the customer works best with the tools. intelliAd guarantees 100% neutrality and highest privacy and security standards, of course compliant with EU-GDPR. The data collection, storage and processing is completely in Germany.


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