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Know Your Customer Limited

Product / Service Description:

The Know Your Customer platform is an end-to-end digital solution that quickly and accurately identifies and verifies companies and individuals prior to client on-boarding, wherever they are in the world. It offers quick document collection, Digital ID verification and automated anti-money laundering checks in multiple languages and across multiple jurisdictions, automating 90% of compliance teams’ routine tasks. The Know Your Customer platform helps e-commerce organisations with compliance, risk and client on-boarding, ensuring companies can accurately and confidently conduct their KYC and AML functions in whichever market they decide to grow their business.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

At Know Your Customer we work closely with our clients to develop new features to constantly make their life easier. The innovations we have released in 2018 include: • Geo-locationing for fast, reliable address verification anywhere in the world; • Tele-prompter capabilities for convenient video verification, fundamental for remote client onboarding; • Business Intelligence tool for easy tracking of compliance team’s activities; • Full APIs to deliver more seamless customer experiences.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

What makes our product different is its end-to-end coverage and ease of use. While most providers on the market tend to focus on a vertical approach to the four pillars of client lifecycle management (document collection, ID verification, on-going due diligence, and reporting/off-boarding), we take a horizontal approach providing a truly end-to-end KYC solution. Additionally, the Know Your Customer platform is extremely intuitive; any risk manager or compliance officer – whatever their skill set or level of experience - can learn how to use it very quickly.

Additional info:

Our value proposition is that we accelerate and automate organisations’ compliance processes with a dynamic, risk-based, scalable, cost-effective and safer solution. Using our platform, e-commerce organisations can automate all aspects of the risk and compliance process that don’t need human intervention, allowing compliance officers to spend their time interrogating information, not collecting paper, adding significant value to businesses of all sizes.


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