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Product / Service Description:

SPOT is a cloud-based supply chain management platform which was launched in 2000 and has received numerous add-ons and improvements since then. Accessible from any web browser, SPOT started as a simple tracking tool and has since grown into a comprehensive transport management system, with modules ranging from Purchase Order- and Transport Management to Warehousing, Freight Bill Audit and Reporting. The most recent addition is the SPOT Parcel Module, which allows users to connect to all parcel providers on one platform, thereby enabling rate comparison, label printing, shipment tracking and exception management across all providers - no other systems are needed to manage parcel shipments.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

The main innovation in the last 12 months was the development and implementation of the SPOT Parcel Module with all related features. Next will be the release of the printing solution which should enable us to integrate with the printer server of our customers warehouses. This should increase efficiency in the pick and pack process especially when more than one pack station is required.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

We are the first Austrian company that has integrated all major kep service providers, offering a sophisticated and comprehensive parcel shipping tool to customers that want to optimize their management of parcel shipments. The SPOT Parcel Module is fully integrated with the other modules of SPOT, so that users can manage their parcel shipments along with all other transport modes and carriers on one platform, thereby reducing administrative effort and consequently costs.

Additional info:

There are two ways to use SPOT Parcel: 1) User interface for manual data entry, label generation, pickup and tracking across all providers 2) Integration with warehouse or web shop: making use of SPOT, labels for all providers can be generated directly from the WMS/ERP of the warehouse and sent to the respective printer to automate and enhance the picking process; tracking data or tracking events can be automatically provided to web shops, where they can be used to increase customer proximity


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