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Product / Service Description:

cashpresso provides merchants (online & offline) a user-friendly financing solution. Customers can easily, at anytime and without costs adjust the height and due date of the monthly instalments - or repay the full amount. Signing-up works fully online, can be completed in 10 minutes and is as easy as it gets. Once registered, cashpresso clients can make use of their creditline again and again for additional purchases. We take care of all the legal clutter merchants hate. Thanks to our clever process design, integrating cashpresso is completely hassle-free.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

In the last 12 months, cashpresso has taken consumer financing to points-of-sale online and offline. This makes cashpresso the only true omnichannel solutions on the German and Austrian market that accommodates all combinations of modern commerce. Furthermore, cashpresso established successful partnerships with multiple German banks to provide them with a digital white-label solution for their instalment payment options.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

First, we designed our process as a sales booster. We understand a merchants revenue is a function of conversion and average basket sizes. Our sales boost process combines an instant risk check with an instant credit line. Second, we understand the value of repeat customers so we made our credit line revolving. This means, only first-timers need to register- and-pay. For customers who used cashpresso already, paying is entering a code, done in seconds. Third, all our background processes are designed to match merchants needs. We strive to make partnering with us as easy as possible, by light touch integrations, paying merchants immediately, no legal clutter, clever reporting, and more.

Additional info:

cashpresso adds value along the whole process chain of merchants. For marketing, you can configure for what and at which cost to offer financing that suits your needs. For finance, we take the risk and pay out each purchase immediately. With our easy-to-match payments and our 0%-for-60 days standard, operations can efficiently process returns. For IT, we made integration as effortless as possible, providing a clear API and plugins for all common e-Com shop-systems.


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