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Product / Service Description:

MySize offers advanced, accurate and easily accessible body measurement solutions, using smartphone sensors and patented algorithms. This technology is not using the camera or any external sensor, just by moving the phone across any surface you can measure the distance the phone has traveled. Brands and retailers use the company’s MySizeID solution to help their customers buy perfectly fitting clothing with our digital tape measure app for body. BoxSizeID and SizeUp can be your perfect fit if you are in the parcel industry or DIY lover.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

- MySizeID offers a full solution for e-commerce sites. offer shoppers to learn their exact size and decrease the returns. MySizeID will Give your customers a personalized shopping experience they’ll enjoy, and you will earn their loyalty and increase revenue. 80% of returns are size related; - SizeUp is a smart tape measure app that lets you measure anything - From furniture shopping to DIY projects. - BoxSizeID is a fast, accurate & intuitive measurement app for the package delivery market

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

We are the only company in the world that use actual body measure from the smartphone (distance) in order to give you size. We don;t use statistics , camera or any other device in order to do it. . We know to measure your body or any object just like a tape measure through the smartphone

Additional info:

We are more than Fashion or DIY, WE MEASURE EVERYTHING. By a simple SDK, we can fit every vertical wish to use our algorithms and BIG DATA. Privacy is important - We do not use the camera or any external device a few more facts about MySize: •Innovative measurement technology & platform •4 globally registered patents - measure through the smartphone •Sensor-based technology •Utilizing Big Data Analytics •A 360-degree solution for the fashion industry •Simple SDK, fitting multiple verticals •Algorithm-based technology •Complete privacy •Full accuracy


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