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Product / Service Description:

Our product – Shopsys Framework – is a fully functional ecommerce platform for businesses transitioning into tech-companies that are seeking to organize their own software development team. It contains the most common B2C and B2B features for online stores and its infrastructure is prepared for high scalability. Shopsys Framework is the fruit of our 15 years of experience in creating custom-made online stores and it’s tailored to the best in-house devs teams who work with online stores with tens of millions of Euros of turnover per year.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

In September 2018 we have successfully released Shopsys Framework to the world. Since then, the platform has been constantly improved and updated, and was developed in accordance to the product roadmap (more here: https://github.com/shopsys/shopsys/blob/master/README.md). Over the last few weeks we have implemented: a demoshop, a microservice responsible for exporting product data into Elasticsearch and orchestration tool.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Shopsys Framework is a scalable open-source ecommerce platform and the result of our combined years of experience using state-of-the-art reliable technologies. Our goal is to make it the #1 ecommerce platform for in-house development and dedicated software houses. Our product aims to save thousands of dev-hours and help website owners overcome obstacles like technical debt , vendor lock , and building an eshop from scratch. A typical project using our platform is a B2B or B2C site with a yearly revenue ranging from €2M to €100M. To sum up, enhanced platform scalability, a focus on in-house dev teams, and the target size for projects makes SSFW a unique solution among ecommerce platforms.

Additional info:

There are already 20 ecommerce projects that have been successfully being built using our platform, including: Zoopy.cz, Eleka.de, Patro.cz, Knihy.cz, and Ab-com.cz. What’s more, we have recently opened a Partnership Program and there are already a few companies that have become our Official Partners (BARTON STUDIO, Moravio, Apploud).


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