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shipcloud GmbH

Product / Service Description:

With billion shipments per year in Europe & online shopping growing rapidly retailers are facing a lot of shipping problems. Small retailers are processing shipments manually while others are dealing with custom integrations of carrier interfaces which are expensive while still being connected to one carrier. To solve these problems shipcloud developed a cloud based shipping platform already connected to all carriers. The RESTful API and pre-integrations into 50+ shop-/ERP-systems allows a plug-and-play connection and automated national & international shipping within minutes

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

- New pricing plans to ensure the best option for each individual customer - Partnership with Cargo International - the expert for shipping euro- and disposable pallets - Return portal so retailers can provide their customers their own return portal or put the return label in the parcel as an insert - Technology partnership with fulfilment provider RHIEM to offer fulfilment expertise

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Our competitors… - are not focused on technical leadership - zero in on reselling and price leadership-risking to loose their carrier contracts - cannot compete in terms of technical capabilities - have nowhere near as many shop-/ERP-system integrations - are not connected to all relevant carriers - are not integrated into the customers backend and shipping labels cannot be created directly from the shop-/ERP-systems

Additional info:

Shipping labels can be created directly from the shop-/ERP-systems with no discontinuity (like CSV exports). shipcloud is enabling customers to choose the best carrier for each shipment or increase revenues dramatically by letting their customers choose the preferred carrier. Advanced tracking solutions ensure that shipcloud customers always have their shipments in sight. In addition, customers can benefit from our shipping conditions or use their own carrier contracts.


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