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Product / Service Description:

ROIVENUE™ is an award-winning suite for managing marketing ROI, channel attribution and marketing strategy decision-making. It is the most precise way to manage your entire marketing investment. Using data-driven attribution models and CLV, it allows marketers to identify under-performing campaigns, address over-invested channels, and make decisions that maximize ROI. Roivenue translates complex marketing data sets into actionable strategic insights. Unlike tools designed for data analysts like Google Analytics, ROIVENUE™ lets you see the big picture, and make informed overall budget decisions tuned to your specific goals.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

Budget Optimizer™: This feature is used to identify oversaturated channels and suggest budget reallocation between marketing channels for the best ROI. Data Driven Attribution Interface: Allows marketers to better understand the results of their marketing channel mix with respect to the different attribution models. ROIVENUE API: The suite enables client analysts to access data enriched by ROIVENUE™ algorithms and use this information to build detailed analysis and reporting.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

-CLV attribution In addition to advertising and web analytics platforms, we also integrate the client’s CRM. Clients can see it all, from the first touchpoint to profit and long-term customer value. -Multiple models and customization ROIVENUE™ customers value the ability to study multiple models, ability to BYOM (bring your own model) and high customizability of attribution calculation strategies. -Data Export and Integrations Roivenue connects seamlessly to Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio and more. This way, it adds more value to more stakeholders within the company. Furthermore, if there is anything missing, we can easily export ROIVENUE™ data to the client’s BI app.

Additional info:

Usage of data-driven attribution models have delivered improved marketing performance resulting in an increase of ROI for the whole business and evaluation of channel performance via data-driven attribution. After adopting ROIVENUE™, our clients have seen faster business growth: 1. 15% increase in ROI and 30% growth in revenue YOY 2. Growth up to 200% faster after adopting ROIVENUE™ 3. Customer acquisition up by 36% with the same marketing spend


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