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Product / Service Description:

MANGOPAY is an end-to-end payment solution for marketplaces, crowdfunding and sharing economy platforms. Unlike traditional payment solutions, MANGOPAY provides its customers with a developer-friendly API that can be fully customised. It enables the platforms to accept multiple currencies and multiple payment methods online, hold the funds in segregated accounts and automate the pay-outs.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

A couple of our updates: 1. Live chat on the documentation To help platforms integrate the different API endpoints, we added live chat on our documentation. 2. AVS for the US and UK AVS -Address Verification System- is an anti-fraud tool available in the UK, US and Australia. It compares the billing address for an order and the address of the credit card owner. As a result of this check a score is set by the bank. MANGOPAY is now providing you this score as an important anti-fraud tool.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

The history of MANGOPAY sets itself apart from our competitors. The adventure started when Celine Lazorthes started a crowdfunding platform for group gifting called Leetchi in France. As a result of this platform the team created their own payment solution to facilitate the payments flows. MANGOPAY was born from here and in 2013 obtained an E-money license in Luxembourg which allows it to passport the solution to the 31 countries in the Economic European Union. Having this experience in the crowdfunding sector is a huge advantage, apart from the features offered such as a white-label solution, unlimited escrow possibilities and tailoring of workflows in a compliant and secure environment.

Additional info:

MANGOPAY is actively supported since 2016 in Germany and is gaining more and more traction in the payment landscape. We are very happy to participate in these awards.


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