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Product / Service Description:

CoolTool is an automated insights platform that allows businesses creating an effective website and product pages, engaging campaigns, and a strong brand. The platform incorporates digital tools such as accurate webcam eye tracking, emotion measurement and implicit tests that are all integrated into the survey engine. By working simultaneously these tools guarantee the most comprehensive and reliable feedback from consumers. Easily discover what people see, think and feel to find out real drivers of consumers’ behavior.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

We've created a unique fully digital and automated platform for getting deep both explicit (surveys) and implicit (nonconscious measurements) consumer insights via surveys integrated with: - Webcam eye tracking (or via professional eye tracker) - Implicit Priming Test - Facial coding

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

For now, CoolTool is the only platform on the market where all advanced neuro-tools work online and simultaneously. Automation and AI-integration made CoolTool the quickest and the most affordable solution for nonconscious consumer measurements in the world.

Additional info:

Consumers do not behave like we used to think, they behave irrationally. Subconscious triggers mainly manage our decisions. In this situation, quantitative research alone can't help to build a strong brand. Using our neuro-tools marketers, researchers, and business owners are able to see the true picture and get reliable consumer insights.


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