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Product / Service Description:

CrossEngage is a cloud-based CRM and marketing platform, combining a customer data platform with powerful segmentation and cross-channel campaign management capabilities. Its flexible data structure allows clients to integrate all data sources and existing tools without replacing their existing marketing stack. Synchronizing user data creates an actionable, real-time 360° view. This single user view enables content personalization and journey optimization across all touchpoints. These insights, as well as the user segment’s builder, empower marketers to create real-time automation based on user behavior, orchestrating marketing activities across all channels.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

For clients like Deutsche Bahn, HelloFresh, Limango and many others, we are constantly integrating new features and integrations that allow these companies to test and set up new campaigns and channels flexibly. For example, our clients can easily include new marketing and CRM channels such as WhatsApp in their conversational efforts. In addition to new channels, simplified and constantly improved campaign and segmentation options ensure a high level of client satisfaction.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Whereas marketing clouds focus on a pre-definied set of tools and possibilities, CrossEngage is an innovative platform for customer data and engagement that enables the marketer to autonomously develop, execute, and optimize highly targeted and personalized campaigns with his preferred set of marketing tools and channels across all devices. Unlike other providers, we fulfill high data security standards like GDPR, German ePrivacy etc.

Additional info:

CrossEngage reduces the complexity for marketers who are facing the rising amount of data and channels. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps the marketer to autonomously target, segment, and activate leads with combining all existing data in real-time while integrating all existing tools and channels.


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