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Product / Service Description:

SentiOne was founded as the answer to the need for finding and reacting to what truly matters in the information overflow. SentiOne is analysing billions of online conversations to help businesses uncover truly relevant insights. You have the possibility to answer to your audience straight from our all-in-one platform. With the support of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and NLP our clients can completely automise the companies customer support in the internet. Our objective ? To improve your service quality and shorten the reaction time!

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

Integration of: - Internet anomalies recognition - to spot new suspicious peaks in data - Advanced Routing - automation matching between the questions and the consultant - Messenger Chatbot - solution to integrate Messenger Chatbot with SentiOne React - AI answers in SentiOne React -> our tool can now suggest answers in your online discussions - Inegreation of digital channels - users can respond on 70+ sources

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

We offer an AI-powered Internet Monitoring and Customer Engagement Platform. It's a complete solution covering a digital communication journey. Discover audience needs, get actionable insights, build customer relationships, and lead the way with AI. Flexible development team that is willing to develop new features depending on our customer needs. Multilingual customer support that supports all of our clients. No limitations regarding the number of users, projects, languages and amount of data. Lots of opportunities to customise and personalise our platform (qualitative reports & graphic dashboards) We crawl the data on our own and are not depending on a third party data company.

Additional info:

Integrate all your digital channels such as Social Media, Messengers, Email or blogs & portals in SentiOne and start answering to all the questions trough our all-in-one platform. Our clients can flexibly decided how much they want to use our technology. They can decided wherever our chatbots should completely take over the whole customer conversation or only make suggestions on how to answer the clients questions. Feel free to design your future customer support!


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