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Product / Service Description:

OWOX BI – Your personal marketing analyst. OWOX develops innovative tools that simplify the routines of marketers and lead to better performance of sales plans. OWOX products allow users to set up end-to-end analytics systems, evaluate the effectiveness of each marketing channel, and automatically obtain marketing reports based on complete data without sampling. All marketing reports are available in a few clicks even without knowledge of SQL. Our funnel-based attribution model let users estimate the impact of each marketing channel in the their funnel progress, regardless of other attribution models.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

Proprietary streaming of hit and session data from websites without a connection to GA to avoid GA sampling. Automated testing of metrics and data gathering consistency on the website. Anonymous identification with OWOX User ID, an additional user identifier for tracking audience overlap from different websites without transferring Client ID. Estimation of complex non-linear funnels with attribution of any types of events. ROPO reports available out of the box.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

OWOX BI costs considerably less than competitors. Thanks to raw data from different sources, users can build any kind of custom reports and can get value from data without SQL or other technical knowledge. It’s possible to quickly import data into GA and GBQ from other systems without help from developers. OWOX BI has a unique funnel-based attribution model and is 100% in the cloud – we use GBQ safe storage and meet all GDPR requirements. It’s easy and quick to set up and costs $0 for technical maintenance. OWOX BI is designed for a wide range of marketers, revealing insights for them and implementing sales plans at the highest level — not just collecting data.

Additional info:

Our product is more than just a key to implementation of end-to-end analytics. It helps to reach actual marketing results: improve ROI in 2.5 times, conduct ROPO analysis, and even more for the omnichannel retail. Also, you can estimate each separate channel impact on any step of the funnel to use your ad budget wisely with our product.


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