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Product / Service Description:

SEVEN SENDERS the leading delivery platform optimizes the delivery process by integration the worlds best physical and digital service providers. We connect shippers with their customers through our prime last mile carrier network in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Consequently, we enable shippers a fast and economical delivery, adapted to the needs and requirements of their end customer. An excellent tracking and monitoring solution complements the platform services and provides the unique customer experience during the delivery. It allows shippers to leverage an unprecedented transparency over the delivery process.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

We established a labeling solution for our delivery customers. Besides that, we launched our tracking and monitoring Software Sendwise, offering full transparency in the delivery process. With it we harmonize and standardize data across all locations, countries, carriers, giving the shipper the possibility to view the relevant shipment data in one dashboard. Features like individual tracking pages, customizable notifications automatically inform the end customer about the delivery status.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Our mission is to create the leading delivery platform by integrating the best physical and digital service providers. Our solution is 100% data-driven and based on an algorithm that identifies the optimal carrier and route for each parcel. We connect the parcel delivery services in the respective countries that serve best the requirements of the shipper and its customer, may it be SEUR in Spain or USPS in the US. Through this strategy, we create a unique delivery solution that achieves an optimal combination of cost efficiency and service quality. Consequently, merchants are able to compete with big players such as Amazon or Alibaba with our delivery and software solution.

Additional info:

The growth of the e-commerce sector in Europe is unstoppable - it hits the 18% mark in 2018. The success of the industry is based on logistics. However, recently even the renowned logistic service providers have reached their capacity levels. This is SEVEN SENDERS steps in. Through the creation of a logistics network, we cooperate with more than 100 delivery partners, consequently diversifying the risk of capacity limits while providing merchants with the ideal delivery partner.


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