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Product / Service Description:

Logistics is a critical success factor in the growing e-commerce industry. Especially with regard to the increasing importance of short delivery times and free shipping. byrd helps online shops to overcome these challenges by giving retailers access to a professional and scalable logistics solution in order to be able to compete with e-commerce giants such as Amazon. Online shops can easily outsource their whole logistics within a few clicks through a web application. The all-in-one logistics software enables companies to manage and track their inventory and orders with one single tool. As a consequence, they can focus on their core competencies and efficiently grow their business.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

Within the last few months byrd has developed a logistics network which connects established logistics providers with online shops across borders.This facilitates a fully digital and automated order fulfillment, which is being processed through trusted fulfillment companies and carriers. A few months ago we relaunched our web application in order to significantly improve UX/UI design. Additionally, we added further shop and marketplace integrations such as Amazon and Magento 2.0.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Through the provision of a strong logistics network with fulfillment partners, byrd puts online shops in the position to meet the shipping requirements of the 21. Century. Companies can store their products in warehouses of their choice across different countries, therefore minimizing delivery time and reducing shipping costs. This also helps to satisfy the needs of end-consumers which further strengthens the webshop’s performance. As a result we combine our strong technology that automates order fulfillment with the logistics expertise of experienced service providers across countries in one single platform, which is unique.

Additional info:

byrd’s digital web application integrates with most popular e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, which enables online shops to easily outsource and automate their whole logistics from warehousing to shipping. This does not only take the hassle out of the logistics process but helps webshops to expand their business. We believe that every online shop should have access to a strong logistics network, like leading online retailers do, in order to be able to compete.


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