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Product / Service Description:

Exponea is a union of customer data management and analytics which cracked the Single Customer View. We enable marketers to understand their customers and immediately turn insights into actionable campaigns, all within a single integrated solution. With cutting edge technology, Exponea empowers marketers to deliver personalization, in the moment experiences to their customers at scale through deeply embedded AI-powered capabilities and leverage intent to purchase both on your online store or outside of it. We enable the fast transfer of know-how, resulting in a change of mindset and acting as a catalyst for rapid, profitable growth of emerging e-commerce leaders around the world.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

- Migration to Google Cloud Platform - Migration to Angular5+ - Web Optimization and AB testing - SDKs (iOS, Android, Unity) - Long-Term Data Storage - Support for SQL analytics on BigQuery - Improved Recommendations – NLP, DL models, grid search for CF, multi-armed bandits - Predictive Campaigns - automatically trained ML models - Single Sign On - 2 Step & Multi-Factor Authentication - Multi-label prediction models and templates - Push notifications for browsers or mobile devices

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

1. Time to value in as little as a month and ½; under 6 months in 90% of cases. 2. Built as a single platform with a consistent CX. 1 interface to deal with. 1 set of training, rather than a training for each program of a marketing suite. 3. New segments can be created in minutes with complete autonomy; no need to open a ticket. 4. Actions are processed through an In Memory Framework, allowing us to process individual, granular data entries in real time for lightning fast segmentations and customizable analytics reports. 5. AI models read from a chronologically organized repository of data, making it simple for the model to obtain correlation and find significant patterns.

Additional info:

Exponea is trending as one of the Top 3 companies in G2 Crowd’s momentum score for Marketing Automation


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