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Product / Service Description:

Competera is the industry standard of retail pricing. We help companies to increase revenue, stay competitive and grow while remaining profitable with the help of two products: Competitive Data: Delivery of petabytes of high-quality data from thousands of websites with a dedicated scraping approach to help retailers make complex pricing decisions seamlessly and gain sales growth smoothly. Price Optimization: AI-driven price recommendations engine enabling retailers to formulate optimal prices and outsource the whole host of retail sales results to algorithms.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

Unique machine learning algorithms of the Price Optimization product: take into account the cross elasticity of products within a portfolio; use the power of big data to provide optimal price recommendations for any number of SKUs with any frequency; “talk” to retailers via a convenient web interface. Competitive Data offers: a new automated matches system; a pay-as-you-go billing system; an assortment intersections map; an integrated client portal.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

With Competera retailers can: Optimize pricing Retailers make sure that at any given moment they have the optimal price to meet their business goals. Forecast everything Predict the impact of any pricing or promo decision for the whole assortment. Accumulate experience The algorithm stores good and bad experience and makes it accessible to any manager. Focus on a bigger picture Saved from routine tasks, managers focus on strategic decisions.

Additional info:

We are proud of our customers performance: Increase profits by 2-5% Increase shopping loyalty by 96% Increase margins by 2% to 10% Increase customer lifetime value by 20%


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