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Product / Service Description:

minubo is the only Enterprise BI as a plug-and-play solution – particularly developed for retailers and brands. With its full BI stack including both tech and tools, minubo enables companies to make best use of their data and build a future-proof, data-driven work culture: Employees from all areas (headquarters and store, strategic and operational focus, analysts and non-analysts, from category management to CRM) are enabled to leverage their data for better and faster decision-making during their day-to-day work as well as for improving and automating their processes based on data. With that, commerce companies are ready to compete in today's highly-competitive commerce markets.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

With its new concept of Custom Insights Pages, minubo revolutionizes the ease of establishing truly data-driven workflows: Custom report pages, configurable with a few clicks of a mouse, provide a simple and meaningful view of what's happening in a user's workspace, proactively highlighting key changes and disclosing potential drivers. From here, with seamless transition to further analysis, the causes of developments can be identified, and reinforcing or counteracting measures can be derived.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

- Insights for every role: Strategic decision-makers, operational specialists, business analysts – minubo provides tools for everyone - Best practice data model: minubo provides a unique, proven, comprehensive commerce data model - Unified data for all systems: With source system integrations and feeds to 3rd party systems, minubo is the Single Point of Truth for the entire org - Out-of-the-box: As minubo comprises a full BI stack, it exceeds the pace of traditional BI projects many times over - Scalable cloud BI: minubo’s unique cloud architecture ensures highly efficient processing and enables real-time queries on all levels of analysis

Additional info:

minubo is a unique solution that disrupts the BI market: No more need for six-/seven-figure BI projects that are worked on with heavy resource investment for 18-36 months and regularly result in a setup that only offers direct data access for people who either are IT-savvy or are trained business analysts. minubo makes the vision of true data democracy turn into reality!


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