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Product / Service Description:

Today, online stores struggle with converting their visitors into paying customers. On average, the global e-commerce conversion rate is 2.95%. Main problem for them are High customer acquisition costs (CAC) and low profitability due to low conversion rates. We help online retailers optimize conversion by creating unique online shopping experience that is relevant to each visitor by utilizing advanced machine learning technology. With our technology online retailers can offer the right products and promotions to right person at the right time.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

- Personalized Emails: 20+ email campaigns to fix broken email marketing. We replace bulk email campaigns with timely and targeted personalized emails - Push Notifications: Similar to email, personalized push notifications are a great way to communicate with visitors. Online retailers can reach a wider audience. - Smart Segmentation: Automated product and customer segmentation helps our users to create campaigns easily without need of target list studies.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

We have 3 important differentiation point: - Fast Learning Unique Algorithm: Our in-house build and patented Machine Learning system can learn much faster than current solutions and increase revenues and conversion higher than the competition. - Plug & Gain: We guarantee 5 day integration by just adding one line of code and showing 10% revenue contribution in 14 days free trial - Personalized Offers: Our system models each visitor and customer individually and create offers personalized for them which helps to increase conversion and creating a unique shopping experience

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