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Product / Service Description:

Our data verification technology verifies and corrects data while a user is entering an address in any online form worldwide. Through our service retailers ensure to capture the correct address right from the start. Every package can be delivered at the first attempt without any manual work from you or the post office. Other than that our service improves the user experience in a never seen way. Loqate's solution speeds up the checkout process, can save up to over 70% keystrokes and 8 seconds of your customers time.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

The power of 5 in 1: we combined the market leading products from Matchcode, Loqate, PCA Predict, Addressy and Everything Location into one global, address verification with the highest standard from every individual validation process to get the most powerful address verification service.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Our solution is the only solution in the marketing improving data quality and user experience at the same time. Besides that our solution can be used on any device for every country - no need for multiple forms on websites.

Additional info:

Over 13,000 customers trust in Loqate and in the benefit of our solution. The improvements we made this year are impressive and offer our customers an address verification service which has never been seen before.


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