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Product / Service Description:

Anexia`s World Wide Cloud is a one-stop shop for global infrastructure demands. Operating 86 international data center locations, Anexia is the premium partner for managed e-commerce hosting in a global footprint. If an online shop decides to go global, you are faced with orders form all over the globe. To avoid latency problems and to ensure a stable running shop, the IT infrastructure has to grow global as well. The wider the e-commerce market gets, the more international server locations should be used. Monitoring this infrastructure and keeping the Operating Systems up to date becomes more complex.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

Anexia’s Word Wide Cloud counts on state-of-the-art technology and hardware: e.g. for Anexia's latest network project “Backbone Europe”, we worked together with Juniper Networks: the routers used for this hardware refresh of the European backbone are Juniper’s latest generation. Anexia is their first partner using this technology in Europe.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

With its World Wide Cloud (WWC), Anexia is the only ISP in the world that can provide virtual server capacity in almost every corner of the world within a few minutes. Internal guidelines and quality standards ensure clearly structured installations and configurations on our worldwide server locations. This allows us to offer our e-commerce customers numerous managed hosting services that can be established without long lead times or nasty surprises.

Additional info:

Each WWC location has been carefully selected based on multiple factors, such as provider independence, power and geographical safety, as well as scalability and security. Anexia deploys hardware that has been inspected, shipped and installed by Anexia`s certified engineers. Each footprint has a redundant setup and is monitored around the clock by Anexia`s network operations team to prevent unauthorized access. This provides a secure high availability SLA.



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