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Dinarys GmbH

Product / Service Description:

Dinarys delivers solutions which add value to client’s business through digital commerce. Our approach to ecommerce revolves around a positive impact on business-critical metrics. We harness design thinking tactics and Agile methodology for the software development. Not only we create “Wow” ecommerce web-sites and marketplaces, above that, the team provides in-depth analysis and consultancy.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

49 ecommerce projects launched for international clients in the last 12 months globally, namely online shops, marketplaces, mobile apps, extensions etc. The team architectured, designed, developed, launched and supported complex solutions and performed multilevel integrations. We are happy to share some cases, highlighting our expertise with the Magento platform http://bit.ly/2DIOMsx http://bit.ly/2GqhgsR

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Dinarys developed a unique approach to ecommerce development, rooted in design-thinking tactics and Agile methodology.

Additional info:

Since the launch of Dinarys GmbH in Berlin in mid-2017 a lot of things have been accomplished. In 2017 Dinarys have been actively contributing to 5 associations supporting ecommerce in Europe. The company organized and participated in multiple ecommerce, web-development and business events, sharing the experience.



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