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Product / Service Description:

Pulsar is a new breed of social intelligence platform that’s re-inventing web and social media intelligence and monitoring. Born out of 10 years of experience with social data, Pulsar enables marketers to go beyond keyword tracking to map brand audiences, track how content spreads and measure the reach of social conversations. At Pulsar we work with an array of technology partners to put together a bleeding-edge technology stack. This allows Pulsar to stay ahead of innovation and create interoperability opportunities where Pulsar can go to market with disruptive new services.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

In the last 12 months, Pulsar has experienced rapid expansion through an array of markets with customers from Dubai to Sao Paolo, from their offices in London, New York, Boston and soon to be opened, Los Angeles. As an innovation first company, the Pulsar team has been working on continuous product releases to help marketers, planners and strategists gain insights from large social and web data sets that have helped generate creatives that not only resonate with their audience but speaks to them

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Pulsar is an audience intelligence platform built by researchers. This means it gets to the heart of what both research and creative teams need, breaking huge datasets into beautiful, simple-to-digest visuals to use as tangible insights. Unlike similar platforms, Pulsar works with global brands and agencies like Ogilvy and Chanel to tap into real-time data across social media, blogs, forums and news, to help clients uncover insights to inform product and creative solutions. Pulsar’s entire team are trained on the platform to be able to offer expert support at any time, not a hands-off approach. It’s a platform that truly understands market needs, and works to solve them in real ways.

Additional info:

As a proof in innovation in Q1 2018, a new service named Trends will be deployed to customers which will be used to track social trends’ development - giving a snapshot of what’s trending on a global to granular local scale, as trends heat up and cool off. Users can research a trend within any 12-month period, back to the first tweet. This will allow all from b2b marketers to creatives to journalists to be able to visually analyze progression and correlations between trends as they happen.



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