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Product / Service Description:

As the only Full Service Payment Provider with the “All in one” Solution, Novalnet AG provides a competitive edge to merchants by offering a 'one-stop-solution' for all payment-related requirements & other value-added services from checkout to debt collection with one contract. The merchant does not have to deal with different companies (fraud prevention companies, technical agencies, banks, credit card acquirers, payment providers, debt collection companies, affiliate program agencies, etc.) worldwide and sign different contracts with different fees. Novalnet’s solution is one platform that provides merchants worldwide payment types, fraud and risk management, real time invoicing, transaction & turnover monitoring, dunning & debt collection, fully automated subscription & member management, extensive debtor management for accounting, affiliate & market place management as well as in-house technical agency support. As the pioneers of full service payment we cover the entire online services for an optimal conversion rate. Novalnet is located in 3 continents (Europe, North America & Asia) and operates worldwide. Novalnet has its own gateway and is PCI-DSS Level 1 certified as per the latest version and has more than 40 integrated global fraud prevention tools. Through our “all in one solution”, merchants remain flexible, and are able to customize our services to meet their needs and thus save time, energy, cost and other resources but at the same time increasing their revenue and business growth

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

Payment to GO: Easy to install plugins for 100+ shop systems. One page checkout by URL shortener: Consumer pay online/offline. Smart Payment Selection: Payment page displayed dynamically per country/acceptance. One click Payment via tokenization: Consumer does not re-enter the payment details each time. Bank transfer without reference: Automated & unique matching of incoming bank transfers through virtual IBAN enabling consumer to transfer money without payment reference. Marketplace management

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

As “all in one” provider, Novalnet is the only unique company delivering cutting edge 'one-stop-solution' for all payment requirements & value-added services from checkout to debt collection. Our innovation offers a wide range of fully automated services under one roof, avoids signing different contracts with multiple maturities & charges with diverse companies (banks, acquirers, PSP, billing firms, fraud prevention agencies, debt collection agencies, debtor management firms, technical agencies for software development etc). Merchant avails these services with one contract cutting down costs and increase turnover, thus making us indispensable for their continuous business growth and success.

Additional info:

Our mission is to create better value by offering options beyond payments by allowing clients to focus on their core business to ensure profitability. We do this by challenging traditional payment industry model and by offering fully automated solutions connecting payment, finance and technology. Our commitment to usability, security and flexibility is rewarded with success and growth to our clients. Our goals are met by engaging talent and passion of employees who believes there is a better way



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