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intelliAd Media

Product / Service Description:

intelliAd is the leading Performance Marketing Suite. No other competitor helps its customers grow with customised features as much as intelliAd. Being 100% made in Germany, its client success management counts multiple awards and guarantees highest security and privacy standards. The experts understand the needs of marketers and solve their daily challenges by bundling all online and offline data on one platform. This allows a thorough analysis and the optimisation of all advertising activities.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

It’s becoming more and more challenging for advertisers to find the perfect e-commerce strategy. Ten years ago intelliAd was founded with the aim to provide marketers the best suite to track their customers’ journeys and to maximise their cross-device search and e-commerce performance. To solve these challenges, intelliAd has developed the following products: Amazon reporting, Google Shopping automation, E-Commerce Industry Index, Promotion Boost, Performance Forecasting Account-to-Account Sync.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Google Shopping automation (bid management, campaign management) and Advanced Amazon reporting guarantee marketers full efficiency and transparency. The E-Commerce Industry Index provides decision makers with up-to-date benchmarks in order to identify potential weaknesses in their online marketing activities. The Promotion Boost helps them to aggressively bid on SEA ads to generate maximum revenue on events like Black Friday and many more. Performance Forecasting delivers valid answers at all times for driving their growth. With the Account to-Account-Sync they can conveniently copy campaigns into other accounts e.g. from Google to Bing and automatically synchronise them.

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