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Product / Service Description:

eSputnik.com generates repeat sales, providing a reliable and on-time business-to-customer multichannel messaging for large-scale online projects. We enable revolutionary technical approaches in marketing including AI-based solutions to give you the full power of right-time, right person, and right-message communications. We develop marketing automation features to save you from routine, so you could put all your efforts into real marketing practice: insights discovery and implementation in marketing strategy.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

Our last innovations: Email content optimization to boost sales based on content queue prioritization; Automatic messaging frequency control to decrease unsubscribe and complain rates based on AI algorithms; Gather missing account data automatically to complete customer profiles (gender, size, memorable dates, interests etc.); Empower email marketing campaigns to cut costs and soar engagement with additional channels: web-push, SMS, instant messengers: Viber and WhatsApp (coming soon)

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

B2C specialization for large projects: Easy-to-scale personalization in email creation Product recommendations (AI-featured) Annoyance level control Proactive reactivation (AI-featured) The best delivery time prediction (AI-featured) High delivery speed for flash sales (over 1M in 5 minutes) Extremely high server/ip reputation for inbox deliverability In-house Agency services empowered by data science team Ready to fit into existing IT-environment (your CTO will love it)

Additional info:

We have very strong positions in European markets sending 500M emails monthly. Our largest clients are - E-commerce projects, - Marketplaces, - Online services, - Info-business platforms. We are proud to provide our services to more than 22.000 brands from around the world, by now.



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