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shipcloud GmbH

Product / Service Description:

shipcloud is a cloud based shipping platform for retailers, connected to all relevant carriers. shipcloud is pre-integrated into 40+ shop/ERP-systems, allowing for a plug-and-play connection and automated national and international shipping within minutes. Shipping labels can be created directly from the shop/ERP-systems with no discontinuity. Thereby, shipcloud is enabling customers to choose the best carrier for each shipment or increase revenues dramatically by letting their customers choose the preferred carrier. Advanced tracking solutions ensure that shipcloud customers always have their shipments in sight. In addition, customers can use our shipping conditions or their own contracts.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

In 2017, we are launching several new products and services (such as a return platform, clearing and an innovative new service for cheap bundled international shipping together with a partner), working to get our new line of business data & analytics on track, expanding our partnerships to marketplaces and start expanding across Europe to help small, medium, and large sized online retailers to optimize their shipping process and to solve their problems related to shipping .

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Our competitors… - are not focused on technical leadership - zero in on reselling and price leadership—risking to loose their carrier contracts - cannot compete in terms of technical capabilities - have nowhere near as many shop-/ERP-system integrations - are not connected to all relevant carriers - are not integrated into the customers backend and shipping labels cannot be created directly from the shop-/ERP-systems shipcloud USP: Ahead of the pack – through technological excellence.

Additional info:

Retailers are facing lots of problems with shipping. Small retailers are processing shipments manually, spending hours transferring data from their systems to WebUIs. Medium retailers are dealing with custom integrations of complex carrier interfaces which often cost a lot while still being connected to one carrier only. They take a lot of time, losing revenues. Enterprise solutions are expensive and smaller retailers often don’t get competitive rates. shipcloud helps to solve these problems.



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