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Product / Service Description:

byrd makes e-commerce logistics fundamentally simpler than any traditional solution by offering a flexible logistics service. Millions of people are selling online. However, they all share one problem: Products sold online have to be shipped, which is a real pain point and requires a lot of resources. Additionally, carrier pricing is intransparent and contracts make it difficult to switch between carriers. byrd offers a range of e-commerce logistics solutions that solve those problems and fit the customers’ needs. For every shipment we compare prices across carriers and choose the best option. As a result customers can save time and money in order to focus on their core competencies.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

All-in-one fulfillment: byrd introduced a warehousing solution which enables companies to outsource their whole logistics, independent of their location. We take care of all the processes involved, which includes branding as well as return management. E-Commerce Integrations: byrd offers seamless e-commerce integrations with our software which allows customers to easily import orders from their webshop. Recently, we added a Shopware integration in addition to the existing ones.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Our unique selling proposition is that we provide a high degree of flexibility to our customers. This is not only true for the different services we are offering, but also our pricing. Businesses can choose between different pricing packages, without any minimum requirements and as a consequence always find a service that perfectly fits their needs which allows them to save money. This is especially interesting for SMEs that are growing at a fast pace. Flexibility is also important with regard to shipping companies. On the one hand because of the different price level which varies according to the shipment and on the other hand referring to temporal shortages of carriers.

Additional info:

byrd is steadily improving its service and software, which to a great extent is happening in close interaction with key account managers and customers. As a consequence we can detect the customers’ pain points and needs and offer a service that meets their expectations. This reflects our mission to make e-commerce logistics as easy as possible by using modern technology.



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